‘Bommalattam’ climax: Bharatiraja’s challenge

image "Some truths are justified at certain times. Some truths are fractured at certain times. When truths and fractures go hand in hand, what happens, is the story of ‘Bommalattam’ – so explains Bharatiraja beautifully.

After a long time, Bharatiraja is directing a film and the expectation has been going on for the past 2 years. The film is to finally see daylight next week. Bharatiraja has been upset with distributors for the delay in release of ‘Bommalattam’ but he’s happy to talk about his film.

"I have directed about 57 films. Each one has been chosen carefully by me. This film will be one step above those. I could say you would not have seen such a screenplay in Indian films. In ‘Sigappu Roaj,’ I delivered a crime thriller without showing violence or blood spill. After that, ‘Bommalattam’ would be a different type of crime thriller.

A film director, a heroine who makes her acting debut, a straight forward CBI officer, – the conflict of emotions among them, how each one takes different measures to justify their truths, what happens because of that, forms the story.

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