Enthiran to be shot in Top Slip?

imageAt present, Aishwarya Rai is perhaps living the most difficult yet productive period of her life. Why? Because of the monumental effort she has to put in while working in Mani Rathnam’s bilingual and Shankar’s Enthiran simultaneously. Imagine the pressure she would be experiencing: A role in a high-class Mani Rathnam or Shankar film does not come easy; it entails for an immense amount of hard work for the artist! Plus she needs to be fit and in good shape for Enthiran, which will reportedly require her to do some stunts as well.  To top it all, she has to shuttle between Salakkudi in Kerala and Chennai, where Mani’s Ravana/ Ashokavanam and Shankar’s Enthiran are being shot respectively.


But considerate Shankar has been kind to Aishwarya Rai and is willing to make quite a lot of changes in his schedule. The recent news we hear is that Shankar is making a change to the third round of shooting which was supposed to be held in Kulu Manali. To save Aishwarya Rai the trouble of travelling from Kerala to Kulu Manali, Shankar is willing to hold his next schedule in Top Slip (37 km away from Pollachi), an equally scenic and beautiful hill station.

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