Second cyclone heads for Sri Lanka and southern India

Cyclone 07B lies in the SW Bay of Bengal on Saturday morning with winds around 40mph (65kmh). It is bearing down on Sri Lanka and will be the second cyclone to hit the country in less than a fortnight.
Aid agencies are barely recovering from Cyclone Nisha which struck Sri Lanka and southern India at the end of last month. Nisha brought with it heavy rains, causing widespread floods and the displacement of more than a million people.

Northern Sri Lanka suffered particularly badly with a combination of Nisha and heavy monsoon rains causing the worst flooding in 50 years in the Jaffna Peninsula. Coastal areas of Tamil Nadu, were also lashed by torrential rain with up to 330mm (13 inches) of rain reported in some parts.
Early Saturday morning Cyclone 07B is lying some 345 miles (555 km) east-northeast of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) has the cyclone moving west-wards across northern Sri Lanka early Sunday. It will then move on across southern Tamil Nadu during Monday. With Cyclone 07B expected to hit similar areas affected by Cyclone Nisha, further flooding is likely over the coming few days

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