Blake sets wrong precedence in committing against democratic wishes of Tamil nation

The US Asst Secretary of State Robert O Blake has set a wrong precedence by choosing to respond to a chauvinistic Sinhala perspective appeared in The Island editorial that “the United States does not support separatism but rather a united, peaceful and democratic Sri Lanka.” In doing so, Blake insults the democratic mandate of the nation of Eezham Tamils and encourages a terrorist state that openly commits genocide on one hand and blatantly denies even an iota of its human rights abuses on the other. The rhetoric of Blake, ‘peace, democracy and united Sri Lanka’, is a historically proven bundle of contradictions that always went against the nation of Eezham Tamils, writes TamilNet political commentator in Colombo.

TamilNet political commentator continues:

The Island on Friday published a letter written to it by Blake, responding to the editorial appeared in The Island Thursday, accusing Blake for meeting the members of the Global Tamil forum.

“Blake, the poet, created ‘The Tyger’ and Blake, the diplomat, is trying to recreate the Tigers,” the editorial said.

The people whom Blake met are notorious terror backers and given half a chance they would resort to terrorism, the editorial further said.

Mr Blake in his response, defending his meeting with the Global Tamil Forum, sounded shaking in his shoes in answering the accusation coming from the side of those who support the genocidal state, may be because he and his government were in complicity to the crime-filled war of that state.

As often pointed out, it is this attitude on the part of the powers adamantly backing state in Sri Lanka for their strategic interests that grants impunity and further license to the genocidal pursuits of that state. Note how confidently and blatantly Sri Lanka denied any of its crimes in the last couple of days, demonstrating very well that the approach of Blake will not work.

Blake in his letter to The Island stated that he had never met with individuals or organizations that had espoused terror or violence, in accordance with US Government policy. One can only amuse at Blake telling this when he was seeking a meeting with the members of the ‘Rajapaksa regime’!

If anyone in the south could not concede the parity of nations in the island and if they continue to behave like a child that beats another child and then cry to escape, let them accept secession and have their peace.

The pseudo Sinhala nationalists in the south who aspire to grab the land of others should be ashamed of expecting the dismemberment of the Eezham Tamil nation even after witnessing the intensity of love and need demonstrated by Eezham Tamils and their diaspora towards their country, despite the war meant defying all the powers.

Since the World War II, it is in the case of Sri Lanka, the USA abetted a war against no enemy of it and thanks to the realities of the state it supported, now stands seriously indicted in the eyes of the international community.

The time has come for the USA to come out of its outlook failed for decades in the island and Blake’s continued rhetoric on ‘unity’ is retrogressive for any prospects of future stability.

In the unfolding scenario, may be a historic duty of the people of Tamil Nadu is to effectively meet the challenge posed by a thinking in the Indian establishment that if Eezham Tamils want their independence let them try counting India out.

But it is equally important for the diaspora political circles to firmly and openly tell the West, especially the USA, not to continue the dismemberment of the Eezham Tamil nation by vainly upholding ‘unity’ of the genocidal state in the island.

Informed circles in the diaspora tell that intimidating efforts are now pursued by some quarters trying the will power of Eezham Tamils that if they don’t accept whatever that is given, they won’t get anything.

If these quarters think that the option of immediate or slow genocide could be used as a tool to achieve their purposes, let them try and get the judgement of history. But how could the Eezham Tamils suppress their decades-long experience of reality in the island?

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