Sri Lanka facing external threats

Ambassador-Tamara-Kunanayakam Sri Lanka today (Friday) informed the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) that it continues to face external pressures, threats, and conditions that continue to threaten its reconciliation process and fragile peace.

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to the UN in Geneva Tamara Kunanayakam told the 19th session of the UNHRC today that these external threats persist despite the progress on the ground.

Kunanayakam said that if the Council is to remain credible it must give equal attention to economic, social and cultural rights as to civil and political rights, to the collective dimension as to the individual dimension, to the international and the national.

She said that Sri Lanka has recorded an unprecedented GDP growth rate of 8 percent last year reflecting an imperative transformation of the rural economy on which a majority of the people depend for their livelihood.

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