Ready to face any pressure – Mahinda Rajapaksa

mahinda_rajapksaPresident Mahinda Rajapaksa today said that his government was quite capable of dealing with any pressure that comes from Geneva, New York or Washington.

Addressing a gathering of public servants in Colombo the President said that public servants and heads of corporations should ensure good governance to improve the image of the country internationally.

Referring to the current challenges before the country, he said such challenges were not new. He recalled that the government had been able to face up to and overcome tremendous pressure from the time it declared its commitment to a unitary state. It was able to take the message of unity against foreign pressure. It was able to face challenges such as fuel price increases, the closure of banks due to the international financial crisis, and, most importantly, the major threat of terrorism.

We were able to overcome these through the policy of on-alignment. We will remain non-aligned and therefore we can declare that we will not waver in our policies whatever pressures we have to face, he said.

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