Radhika Sarathkumar relates to ‘3’

image The makers of ‘3’ had it that the movie is so close to reality and simple that people will definitely relate some scenes to their lives or those they know, and this seems to be true for Radhika Sarathkumar.

The yesteryear heartthrob posted on her microblogging page about the film, "My hairdresser for many years, Seenu, died with the same disease. He used to behave the same way and one fine day he hanged himself".

She further adds, "3 is very intense and sensitive subject handled with finesse and a fantastic performance by Dhanush. Congrats to the team. Aishwarya’s handling of the subject was superb. Loved the background score and music by Anirudh".

Radhika further expressed that although Shruti did a good job in the film, it was Dhanush’s performance that stayed with her.

‘3’ featuring Dhanush – Shruti Haasan throws light on the duo as lovers and bipolar disorder that’s a condition where one faces extreme mood swings. Dhanush’s performance in the film has fetched the National Award winning actor rave reviews.

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