Swedish FM to visit SL

While indicating the Swedish government interest in establishing a bilateral relationship with Sri Lanka, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said that he will visit Sri Lanka in the near future.

This has been revealed at a meeting Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Sweden Oshadi Alahapperuma had with Sweden’s Foreign Minister Bildt in Stockholm on Monday.

It is also learnt that Carl Bildt has shown keen interest in the implementation of the LLRC Resolutions and the prevailing conditions of the resettled displaced persons, not only in the Northern Province, but also in the East too.

Ambassador Oshadi Alahapperuma has explained that Sri Lanka Government has taken measures to resettle the displaced persons and only another less than five thousands persons are to be resettled before the end of this year. Sri Lankan Ambassador has also explained the measures the Government is taking to bring about reconciliation. He explained that the home grown solution is applied to bring the country to normalcy.

He also further pointed that the Government has taken adequate measures to implement those LLRC resolutions and said that the domestic process is on and would be completed soon.

Sri Lankan Ambassador has extended an invitation to the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt to Visit Sri Lanka and see for himself the North and Eastern provinces and the amount of development activities the Sri Lankan Government has undertaken.

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