Ajith Scares Billa 2 Crew

image The Billa 2 teaser that was released on the Tamil New Year has been the talk of the town. The teaser shows Ajith doing a very dangerous stunt, hanging from a helicopter with a single hand. The film’s stunt master Stefan Richter, in his micro-blogging page posted, “Believe me guys, in my career as stunt man, I have been a real daredevil. But when I saw how Ajith jumped off the helicopter and hung on one hand, my blood froze in my veins!”

Chakri Toleti, the director of the film posted, “Billa 2 stunts in the film are done by Thala without any stunt doubles. Difficult stuff… I’m sure fans will appreciate the hard work." Assistant director Sharath Mandava tweeted, “It’s a real stunt by AK. So scary… Hanging may be easy for some stunt people. But falling from a flying chopper was shock of my life!"

Looks like Ajith is doing everything to make his fans proud and happy!

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