New Delhi delegation’s Sri Lanka visit loses face in its own country

With four major political parties, including the two government-making political parties of Tamil Nadu, boycotting the ‘All Party’ delegation of New Delhi visiting Sri Lanka, New Delhi’s approach to the national question of Eezham Tamils in the island and its strategic partnership with the genocidal regime of Rajapaksa lose face in its own country, political observers said. The ruling AIADMK of Tamil Nadu State and the New Delhi regime’s coalition partner DMK have announced in advance about their boycott. Mamata Banerjee’s AITMC, the ruling party of West Bengal, and United Janata Dal pulled out in the last minute. Communist Party of India was not invited. The ‘All Party’ delegation ultimately turned out to be only a five-party delegation of the ruling Congress, Opposition BJP, Rajapaksa-friendly Marxist Communists and two other regional parties.

MDMK parliamentarian Ganeshamoorthy, who said that his party would not have gone even had it been invited, accused New Delhi Establishment’s external affairs ministry for not inviting the Communist Party of India (CPI) and Mr. Thirumavalavan’s VCK who are actively involved in supporting the Tamil cause and had wanted to go with the delegation.

The names of participants in the delegation were kept a secret, and the selections were actually decided by some Indian officials in consultation with the Rajapaksa regime, politicians in India accused.

CPI parliamentarian D. Raja said that the selected parliamentarians were already ‘intimidated’ and he implied that the delegation would end up with a guided tour.

“It looks like a goodwill visit and it is unlikely to serve any purpose. I am already hearing reports that people have been intimidated to behave in proper manner during the Indian delegation’s visit,” Raja was cited by The Hindu.

* * *

Opposition BJP’s Sushma Swaraj is leading the delegation that will be visiting the island for six days from Monday. There are five Tamil parliamentarians, four of them from the Congress and one from the Marxist Communist Party (CPI-M).

Nominated Congress parliamentarian Sudharsana Natchiappan, who was already exposed for his game of trapping Eezham Tamil political parties into accepting New Delhi’s ‘solutions’ without any constitutional changes in the island, is one in the delegation.

Even on Monday he was cited by The Hindu, saying, “We will meet Tamil leaders and are likely to have a discussion on the 13th amendment and the devolution process.”

New Delhi is ‘working’ for 25 years on implementing the insufficient 13th Amendment that is already there in the genocidal state’s constitution and failed.

The CPI-M member Rangarajan was in the centre of a controversy even within his own party for making a pro-Rajapaksa statement.

The visit of every Indian delegation is a prelude to some conspiracy against Eezham Tamil interests and to a fresh ‘shopping’ spree in the island by New Delhi, commented a civil activist in Jaffna citing experience since the times of the war.

* * *

The team’s members are: Mrs Sushma Swaraj (BJP), leader of the delegation; M Krishnaswamy (INC); NSV Chitthan (INC), Manicka Tagore (INC); Dr EM Sudharsana Natchiappan (INC); JD Seelan (INC); TK Rangarajan CPI-M; Prahlad Venkatesh Joshi (BJP); Shailendra Kumar (SP) and Sidhant Mohapatra (BJD). Only 11 out of the 15 members scheduled are participating.

Meanwhile, Sushma accepting the lead of the delegation’s visit of farce is interpreted in some quarters in the island as an indication for ‘no changes’ in New Delhi establishment’s position even if there are going to be any changes in the regime in 2014.

Retired Prof Suryanarayan, who regularly contributes writing in Indian intelligence-run journals, was confident that Sushma leading the delegation would not allow herself to be bulldozed into a conducted tour.

For his part, Suryanarayan wanted the delegation to “interact with the people and human rights activists like P. Saravanamuttu, Jehan Perera and Tamil MPs.”

Suryanarayan is known for writing on India not losing partnership with the USA and on exploring non-descript solutions ranging around the 13th Amendment, within united Sri Lanka.

The Sinhala lawyer Jehan Perera, ‘recommended’ by Suryanarayan heads a Colombo-based organisation called National Peace Council of Sri Lanka.

In October last year, writing an article “Scapegoating of a General” and defending Sri Lanka’s war crimes accused SL representative at the UN, Jehan Perera came out with a ‘universal’ argument that war crimes are justifiable “to preserve order in the world.”

“Reports from the Libyan battlefield are that hundreds of civilians have died in just one battle out of very many as the military forces of the transitional government have approached the city of Sirte, the birthplace of former Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi. The sentiments and situation of civilians trapped within the city are possibly similar to those of the Tamil civilians who were holed up with the LTTE in the last battles,” Jehan wrote.

Twisting Sri Lanka’s war of genocide and post-war genocidal intentions, Jehan argued, “The harsh choices that sometimes have to be made by government leaders in the fight to preserve order in the world is why Sri Lanka’s own war has much to offer the world in terms of lessons learnt.”

Jehan Perera’s National Peace Council was one of the organisations in Sri Lanka that received Norwegian foreign ministry funds during the years 2009–2011.

Where does Suryanarayan stand in recognizing Jehan Perera a ‘human rights’ activist worthy enough for the Indian parliamentary delegation to meet? Or perhaps does he mean the Indian parliament is another bird of the same feather to flock together, asks a Tamil human rights activist in Vanni.

As a section in India is adamant in thinking that the island is its grandfather’s property that cannot be divided, unless people of Tamil Nadu keep vigil in prodding their politicians to take a united stand for the Eezham Tamil liberation and also inspire other influential regional parties, regime change neither in Colombo nor in New Delhi is going to help Tamil interests, commented non-electoral political activists in Tamil Nadu.

* * *

The delegation will meet Basil Rajapaksa and GL Peiris on Tuesday, visit parliament, meet, TNA, SLMC and CWC and will have dinner with prominent ‘Colombo-based’ Sri Lankans and Indians, said The Island on Monday.

On Wednesday, the team will go to Medawachchiya to see India re-building the Colombo-centric railway, Mullaiththeevu to be briefed by the occupying Sinhala military commander and Jaffna to meet the civil society.

Thursday will be spent on visiting the KKS harbour in the north, Ka’lutara port in the south and the SL Opposition Leader Ranil Wikramasinghe.

Batticaloa and Ampaa’rai in the East and its Chief Minister cum paramilitary leader Santhirakanthan alias Pillaiyan, and Dickoya in the Up Country will be visited on Friday.

The delegation will have breakfast with the genocidal regime’s president, Mahinda Rajapaksa on Saturday, before returning.

As Sri Lanka has different faces to show to different powers, ‘socialist’ establishments and Islamic regimes, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is not scheduled to meet the delegation, news reports from Colombo said.

Not much importance was given in Colombo’s Sinhala-English media to the visit of the Indian delegation, news sources in Colombo said, citing absence of even photographs in the print media and adverse comments in the electronic media.

The Colombo Tamil media flashed the news in front pages with sceptical comments.

* * *

In the meantime, Colombo-based The Island, while reporting the delegation’s planned visit to KKS on Wednesday, used the occasion to lay claims on the Naakappaddinam port of Tamil Nadu in the typical genocidal-Sinhala style of telling blatant lies of history.

While reporting that the renovated KKS harbour will have trade with Naakappaddinam port on the opposite side, The Island said that the ancient port of Tamil Nadu had a Buddha Vihara built by the Mauryan emperor Asoka.

Naakappaddinam in fact had a Tamil Buddhist centre of early medieval times built by the Sailendras of maritime Southeast Asia and was patronized by the Cholas. Asoka’s rule never came down south of Andhra and Karnataka.

The Island is telling this story to Tamil Nadu, in the same way stories are told to genocide-facing Eezham Tamils that every Buddhist remains found in the island was built by Mahinda, Sanghamita and Devanammpiya Tissa. Not only Naakap-paddinam, even the Ko’la patuna (Kozhu-paddinam), Prakritized in the Pali chronicles of the Sinhalese as the landing place of Buddhism to the island was a Tamil port even at that time, if the etymology of the word Paddinam could be understood, commented an academic in Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu.

The ultra Sinhala-Buddhists in the island believe that the way they go ahead with the genocidal agenda, militarisation, Sinhalicisation and strategic partnership with the greed in New Delhi and in some elite circles in Tamil Nadu, they could sooner or later even establish townships in the Tamil Nadu coast. As events progress, it won’t be a wonder if New Delhi even invites the Sinhala military to come and stay in strategic places in Tamil Nadu, under the ‘military to military’ relationship, in return for its presence in Hambantota, said sources in Colombo having close knowledge of the thinking in the ultra-Sinhalese circles.

Today, the Sinhalese are brought to colonize the Tamil country by the genocidal state and they also come, not because they don’t have land or livelihood in the South. It is purely a show of genocidal rage. The Sinhalese have repeatedly demonstrated their aspiration of having an exclusive Sinhala State in the island. But, India and the so-called international community, considering their own interests of exploiting the island as a whole, repeatedly commit the historical crime of denying a trouble-free state for the Sinhala nation, Without helping the aspirations of the Sinhala nation by separating the ‘blighting’ Eezham Tamil nation away from it, the powers continue to disturb the Sinhala nation. This is not auguring well to anyone in the region, said a Tamil political activist in the island.

Rather than attending to the realities, any talk of majority-minority formula or ‘equal citizenship formula’ is not going to work. The Sinhala nation will not stop without Sinhalicising whatever territory left with it, the political activist further said, adding that if the Natchiappans or The Hindu Business Line wants to have business with the Sinhala state let them have it to the doom of the Sinhala nation, but not at the cost of the annihilation of the nation of Eezham Tamils.

* * *

In another interesting turn of affairs, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Ms Jayalalithaa, visiting New Delhi on Monday for the Chief Ministers’ meeting, voiced strongly against the Centre infringing into the powers of the states.

She made her point very clear that she would not allow a National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) in the present form proposed by the Centre, how much ever Chidambaram tries to create the urgency to fight terror, because it contravenes the constitutional provision of priority for police in the state list, First Post reported on Tuesday. NCTC was a pet project of Chidambaram.

Chidambaram received an additional blow when she said that the lack of consultation with the state governments and the failure of the centre in taking the states into confidence is a cogent commentary on the system of governance at the centre.

She came hard on the proposals vesting powers with Centre’s Intelligence Bureau officials to infringe into the police powers of the states.

The power of the IB officials in the proposed NCTC to arrest and seize is “highly objectionable and can be misused,” she had said. “Setting up of inter-state intelligence teams is tantamount to usurping legitimate rights of the states,” Jayalalithaa said.

The righteous question of Eezham Tamils ended in genocide because extra-parliamentary elements not only in India but operating globally on behalf of shadow forces were able to sideline the politics of people. The names one hear in India, USA and in other capitals involved in the complicity are just a tip of the iceberg. The real danger to any country or any region is democratically elected bodies losing power to extra-parliamentary constructs coming in various camouflages such as intelligence, counterinsurgency, anti-terrorism and internationally operating shadow forces of the so-called crisis management, said a political observer in Jaffna commenting on the trends the Congress regime is creating for the entire region.

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