Interesting clash ahead as erotica takes on sperm donation

image Two medium budget films clash at the box office this week and incidentally both boast of an adult theme. While ‘Hate Story’ is an erotica, ‘Vicky Donor’ is about sperm donation. The difference though is that former is a holds-no-bar unabashed affair with a woman as a central protagonist. On the other hand, latter is a light hearted take of a male protagonist who is a donor. Both films have been adequately promoted and have stayed in news during last couple of months. However, since none of the two films are meant for universal audience, they would be hoping patronage from selected audience.

Both films have their markets divided out with ‘Hate Story’ aiming for single screen and mass centres while ‘Vicky Donor’ would be more multiplex oriented. Both are expected to open in 30%-40% range though and it would be word of mouth that would do the talking here. These films do benefit from the fact that by the time they would hit the screens, ‘Housefull 2’ would be in it’s third weekend which means audience would be looking for something new and different.

To the credit of the makers, they have done what they can to reasonably promote these films. However, since both ‘Hate Story’ and ‘Vicky Donor’ have only one week to make maximum moolah (‘Tezz’ arrives next week), escalation in collections over the weekend and then stabilisation over the weekdays would have to be quick. The silver lining though is in the form of budget which means overall collections in the range of 10-15 crores for each of these films should be decent enough for them to call for celebrations.

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