Selvaraghavan’s Sakunthala

image Selvaraghavan, who has named his daughter Leelavathi, has said that he would name his second daughter Sakunthala. "I know my daughter would scold me for picking such an old name. But I can’t help it," he said.

"Just for the sake for giving a modern name, I can’t go behind words that are difficult to spell," said the ace filmmaker in his interview to a Tamil magazine, explaining as to why he opted for a traditional name.

Stating that life had changed a lot after the arrival of his daughter, Selva said, "Normally I don’t bother about coming back to home on time when I work. But this time, I couldn’t do so, all because of Leelavathi."

On his upcoming film ‘Irandam Ulagam’, he said, "It will be a totally different attempt from my style. Arya is a sensible actor who does what a director expects, while Anushka is talented and hard working."

In the meantime, Selva has released the first look pictures of ‘Irandam Ulagam’.

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