Gunaratnam Blacklisted From Entering The Country

Premakumar GunarathnamFrontline Socialist Party (FSP) leader Premakumar Gunarathnam alias Kumar Mahathya has been blacklisted by the Sri Lankan government.

According to the Department of Immigration and Emigration, Gunarathnam is being blacklisted from entering the country on the basis that he came to Sri Lanka recently using an Australian  passport with a different name.

Sources at the Department of Immigration and Emigration said that Gunarathnam will not be permitted to re-enter Sri Lanka even as a Sri Lankan citizen.

The orders to blacklist Gunarathnam had been received from the Defence Ministry, sources at the Department of Immigration and Emigration told The Sunday Leader.

The Sydney Police have already launched an investigation into the passport issue of Gunaratnam who was deported to Australia from Colombo recently after being allegedly abducted.

Gunaratnam and FSP member Dimuthu Attygalle were abducted on the 6th of April. Police said that Gunaratnam, who is an Australian national, had walked into the police anti-crime unit at Dematagoda on the 10th of April and was later deported to Australia.

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