Big conspiracy against me: Mervyn

While denying the latest allegations against him, Minister Mervyn Silva said today there was a big conspiracy against him by certain elements. Quoting the Minister, his media secretary RehanWijeyratne said the minister urged the media to act impartially and to give a balanced view on the allegations against the minister.

"The media has to look at those conspiring against him and the allegations and present a balanced view to the people,” the minister said.

He made these remarks in response to an allegation by Kelaniya PS members that he had surreptitiously usedtheKelaniyaPradeshiyaSabha letterheads to ask people in the area to join him in the May Day procession.

"I have enough people and enough pride, I don’t need to resort to such tactics to bring people. I have nothing to do with these letters. Without making wild allegations they should complain to the police. There is a law and law enforcement authorities in the country quite capable of bringing the culprits to book,” the Minister had said. (Dailymirror Online)

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