Ranjith is back

image Remember Ranjith, who is popular for character and negative roles. The actor, who married actress Priya Raman, became a director and made movies such as ‘Bhishmar’. After a break, he is back in Kollywood, this time both as an actor and director.

Titled ‘Thimingalam’, the film will be helmed by Ranjith, who will also play the lead role. Vivek is doing a crucial character in this movie. "Script and other preliminary works are over. Shooting will start soon," Ranjith says.

He adds: "After Pasupathi C/O Rasakkapalayam, I am joining hands with Vivek. Thimingalam will be a satisfying film in all aspects. Dhina is scoring the music. We are on the lookout for a heroine."

Explaining as to why he took a break from Kollywood, Ranjith says, "After Bhishmar, I started to get interesting roles from Malayalam film industry. As a result, I could not concentrate in Tamil movies."

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