Srikanth: Call me an accident baby!

image Srikanth is currently working on ‘Paagan’, a commercial entertainer. A bomb blast scene was recently shot for which, reportedly for the first time in India, a Sony F65 camera (captures scenes during fire) was used. Srikanth performed in this scene without a dupe; however, he escaped an accident narrowly as his safety rope got cut during the shoot!

"I meet with accidents for all my films; I can say there’s a strong bond between fire and me. Call me an accident baby", he jokingly says.

"I understand that a dupe artist has a family as well, if it’s a risk for me so it is for him! We had several rehearsals and by then the rope became weak, it tore during the take. I slipped and luckily, in a split second I was out of the place where the bomb blast took place! The stunt artists pulled my rope instead of me as they didn’t know it got cut, I can’t believe I escaped", the star adds.

‘Paagan’ stars Srikanth and Janani Iyer in the lead roles.

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