Rajinikanth Has No Ego Issues

image Whatever Rajinikanth does, he does it in style and in a unique way. Similarly is his movie watching styles. He is one star who watches all the hits and flops, not only Indian films but also Hollywood movies. Probably this might be one reason, why he is able to keep up his Superstar status for the last 35 years, uninterruptedly.
He does not have any ego issues when it comes to watching films of other actors. But he has several styles when it comes to watching films. While his favourite movie watching place is Four Frames in Nungambakkam, he goes in disguise to some other theatres to gauge the public reaction to some of the films. He also goes to some theaters after blocking some seats in a corner and will reach the place well in advance. He also will ensure that he leaves the theatre just before the film ends so that he is not mobbed. Recently, Superstar watched Avengers at Santham, inside the Satyam multiplex and the highlight is that no one could realise that they were watching the show with such a towering personality.

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