UNP says common opposition is the way forward

The UNP said today that they country needs a united opposition to take on “this corrupt and dictatorial regime”. Speaking at the Opposition leaders’ office UNP General Secretary Tissa Aththanayake urged former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka to join the UNP in its fight against the government. “We invite Sarath Fonseka to join us to take on this corrupt and dictatorial regime” he said.

The Kandy District Parliamentarian said that a divided opposition would not help the common cause of the opposition and that common ground should be derived from the need to bring down the government and not a shift in policy by any party.

“ We want all opposition parties to join us because taking on this government separately is not feasible, we urge all those opposing this corrupt and dictatorial regime to join hands with the UNP in the common bid of toppling this government” he said.( Hafeel Farisz)

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