Tamil rejection of LLRC formula should be loudly told to UNHRC

As the orientation and the thrust of the LLRC recommendations are annihilation of the Eezham Tamil nation and its territoriality – in other words structural genocide – the crafty arrangement at the UNHRC making the LLRC implementation as an international obligation has to be opposed, and the report as approach to solutions should be rejected as a whole, said new generation political activists in the island. Their comment came, as genocidal Colombo after a drama announced its consent last week to ‘cooperate’ with the proceedings of the UNHRC. The activists in the island cautioned the diaspora and Tamil Nadu to carefully identify and check the agenda-players and gullible elements of shallow understanding, which campaign that LLRC implementation would suffice Tamil aspirations and self-determination not needed.

Despite the gagged conditions in the island, reliable Tamil politicians, political activists and civil groups, seeing the ground realities, are impelled to come out with the rejection of the LLRC implementation as a solution.

But it is sad to see that some gullible activists in the diaspora, directed by agenda-players, harp on the LLRC implementation to confuse and discourage the Tamil struggle as well as righteously growing international opinion in favour of Tamil right to self-determination, the activists in the island commented.

Such elements pose themselves outside as ardent supporters of the Tamil cause to get community leadership and then using that tag, naively work behind the scene for another agenda of campaigning for contentment with the LLRC implementation, the activists in the island said that they were shocked by a recent incident in a diaspora country, in which an Eezham Tamil community leader during an invited meeting with local politicians sympathetic to the cause of Tamil self-determination, tried to convince them negatively in his enthusiasm for LLRC implementation.

Counting the so-called positive aspects of the LLRC recommendations is like counting the trees in the wood, the activists cautioned, saying that every seemingly positive recommendation in the report is deeply orientated for structural genocide, annihilation of the identity of Eezham Tamils as a nation in the island, annihilation of their territorial identity and permanent subjugation.

The report has even set the time limit to achieve its aims, the activists in the island pointed out.

Coming out with righteous opposition can never go futile, but just because of blind and naïve collaboration by elements of shallow understanding, the agenda-setters are not going to improve the LLRC implementation in any way to the favour of Tamils, the activists in the island said, requesting the diaspora and Tamil Nadu to boldly and loudly reject the LLRC implementation and the 13th Amendment of Indian agenda as models for solution.

Some of those who were playing behind the scene in Tamil Nadu in misleading sections of grassroot political leadership to slip by harping on LLRC implementation as solution to ‘Sri Lankan’ Tamils are now behind-the-scene discouraging TESO becoming any success, the activists in the island further cautioned in their expectation for unflinching declarations to collectively come from all sides of polity in Tamil Nadu committed to the cause of Eezham Tamils.

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