240 families affected by mini-cyclone in Paduvaankarai

At least 240 families of the resettled Tamils in 6 villages of Poaratheevup-pattu division of Paduvaankarai in Batticaola have been affected in a mini-cyclone that hit the village Friday evening, officials in Batticaloa said. 22 houses have sustained damage and the people who had resettled after their displacement during the times of war, have sought refugee again with their kith and kin elsewhere.

Paduvaankarai region was experiencing draught conditions for a while and the resettled people were struggling for their livelihood. In recent days, heavy rains was reported in the villages.

The mini-cyclone has devastated the lives of the resettled people by damaging the little they had built up after their resettlement, the officials said.

Puthu-munmaarich-choalai , Raa’namadu, Chinnavaththai, Paalaiyadivaddai, Maalaiyar-kaddu and Palaachchoalai are the villages hit by the mini-cyclone.

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian P. Ariyanethiran, Red Cross officials and divisional secretariat officials have visited the affected area.

While Deputy Director of the Disaster Management Centre in Batticaloa S. Inparajan put the number of families affected by the mini-cyclone at 240. According to village officer (GS) 102 persons from 22 houses had to seek refuge with their relatives and friends.

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