Colombo leases Tamil islet in Puththa’lam for one billion to Canadian affiliate

An islet of Eezham Tamils, called Uchchi-Munai (meaning the top point) off the Katpiddi Peninsula in the Puththa’lam district, has been leased to Sapphire Bay Resorts (Pvt) Ltd for 99-years by Colombo. The genocidal regime in Colombo will get 1070 million rupees as upfront payment from the transaction of the 450-acres islet. The leaseholder, started operating in the island of Sri Lanka only since 2010, is an affiliate of a Canadian Development Group, media reports said.

The decision for the lease was taken in a Rajapaksa cabinet meeting on Wednesday

The leaseholder will ‘develop’ the islet into an integrated tourist resort, complete with a golf course, announced Colombo’s news brief on the cabinet decision.

The Puththa’lam district in the North Western Province was predominantly Tamil speaking at the beginning of 20th century. Now, only some pockets of the district have escaped Sinhalicisation.

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