SL ambassador cites China for ‘autonomy within unitary structure’

Genocidal Sri Lanka’s ambassador in France, Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke, on Sunday reiterated his stand of finding ‘autonomy’ solutions for Tamils within a ‘unitary’ state. The model he cited was China. He was replying to criticism on his stand by Emeritus Professor Peter Schalk that appeared in TamilNet last Thursday. “The reply of the ambassador only confirms what we all have a foreboding of, namely that the ambassador of Sri Lanka has a totalitarian system like the Chinese as a model for the unitary state of Lanka. What about the "autonomy" of Tibet in practice? There is no autonomy,” commented Peter Schalk in a note sent to TamilNet on Monday.

“I am aware that Constitutions create fictions about regional autonomy within unitary states, but Tibet is a good example of the tension between theory and practice, much like it is the case in Lanka,” Schalk said, responding to Dayan’s reply that appeared in Lankaweb on Sunday.

Earlier in November, the SL ambassador was entertained by France’s Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), to come out with the ‘autonomy’ model while preserving the unitary character of the Sri Lankan state.

Arguing that autonomy and unitary are fundamentally paradoxical, Schalk had said on Thursday that a social scientist would not have uttered such a thing.

The structural genocide practised by the unitary state in the island for decades is not an occasional aberration or some nuts, he had said.

“The ambassador has come to a stage where he has to chose to continue his career as a demagogue or as a scholar,” Schalk responded on Monday to Dayan’s reiterated advocacy for autonomy within a unitary structure.

Meanwhile, commenting on the SL ambassador’s advocacy, an Eezham Tamil political activist in the island said that if any majoritarian and unitary state with a chronic history of genocide wants to complete that genocide and total annihilation of the nation of its target, then ‘autonomy within unitary structure’ provides the most ostensible theoretical smokescreen to conduct it in a controlled atmosphere.

The modal coming from a state of genocidal conviction would first reduce the nation of its target into ‘ethnic minority’ living in pockets under subjugated conditions, before the total annihilation, the political activist said.

The SL diplomat was turning the table on the TNA for visiting China to study ‘autonomy’ under unitary state.

“The Chinese constitution which defines the state as unitary, also enshrines the concept of ethnic regional autonomy–so perhaps Prof Schalk should direct his absurd, politically fundamentalist objections to the leadership of the TNA and the Chinese Communist party, rather than to me,” Dayan wrote.

But the ‘autonomy within unitary’ hoodwink was long kept up in the sleeves of the West and India that never wanted to offend the genocidal Sinhala-Buddhist state in the island, said the Tamil political activist in the island.

He cited New Delhi’s silence on the separation of North and East and the current idea of abolishment of the 13th Amendment as well as Washington’s promotion of the LLRC recommendations of non-descript solutions paving way for further strengthening of the unitary genocidal state in the island.

Especially Washington, London and New Delhi that harbour thoroughly illogical approaches to the question in the island and contribute to furtherance of misery, choose to call the time-tested aspirations of Eezham Tamils as impractical, the activist further commented.

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