Colombo hatches new strategies in genocidal war, sidelines EPDP

One of the new strategies of Colombo in waging its on-going genocidal war against Eezham Tamils is tagging spontaneous uprisings resulting from its genocide in the island as linked to ‘diaspora terrorism’. Colombo’s strategy is nothing but a manifestation of the attitude of the guilt-filled International Community of Establishments (ICE) and its groups, outfits etc., that see the diaspora as their enemy and attempt to silence diaspora opinion by projecting it as ‘linked’ to ‘terrorism,’ political observers in the island said. Meanwhile, Colombo now sidelines the EPDP and cultivates its own collaborators in the North, the observers further said, citing many recent developments. ‘Use and dump’ will not stop with Karuna, Pillaiyaan and Douglas, but would proceed to even those who were long recruited for the agenda of the ICE, the observers further commented.

Colombo is currently engaged in booking the student leaders of the University of Jaffna under ‘terrorism’ charges, saying that sections in the diaspora directed the students into it. By doing so, Colombo is once again planning for a full-fledged genocidal war with the remaining people of the Eezham Tamil nation in the island and in the diaspora.

SL police of Koappaay and Achchuveali in Jaffna arrested 17 people on Saturday and Sunday alone.

Earlier, Sri Lanka’s Terrorism Investigation Department (TID) accepted to media that it had arrested around 25 former members of the LTTE.

Many people are arrested in Vanni, but there is no official record. The SL human rights office in Jaffna confirmed the arrest of at least 7 people in Vanni.

Colombo attempts to link all these arrests to diaspora connections.

Three people are arrested allegedly for flying Tiger flag of Tamil Eelam at Valveddiththu’rai on the Heroes Day. One of them is a school student studying at Valveddiththu’rai Chithamparaa College and the other two are tagged as former LTTE members. SL sources have ‘leaked’ information to media that the three were given with a huge sum of money by the diaspora to hoist the flag.

Fabricated accusations circulated by SL agents in the North have the larger purpose of silencing the people’s uprising.

Media and public in Jaffna know well how the Jaffna University students were charged with explicitly false accusations.

Altogether 13 students of the university have been arrested or handed over by the university administration to the SL military intelligence. During a meeting between the university officials and the SL military at Palaali, the occupying commander told the participants that the SLA would not enter into the university in future without the permission of the Vice Chancellor and there won’t be any arrests. But the very following day the TID demanded the handover of a list of students.

The Jaffna University students too are accused as receiving funds from the diaspora. Similar to using the name of the LTTE for silencing the Tamil people in the past, the SL government is now using the name of the diaspora.

* * *

Political observers identify this trend originating from the UNSG panel report views on the diaspora, ICG reports, and the books and writings of those who serve the ICE agenda-setters.

The thrust of the animosity finally seems to harp around diaspora’s righteous inability to excuse the guilty ones from charges of genocide and on-going genocide, as well as the diaspora’s stand on nation, sovereignty (historical, earned and remedial) and right to self-determination of the affected people.

A tiny country of just 300,000 people like the Maldives in our neighbourhood was able to tell an Indian corporate to leave its airport, because its people have sovereignty. It is deception to tell that sovereignty doesn’t exist and Eezham Tamils should not claim for it. Conceding sovereignty to the Sinhala nation the Eezham Tamils could never be ‘equal citizens’ in the island.

While there are voices on ‘war crimes investigations on both sides,’ those who serve the agenda of ultimately diffusing any investigation at all argue that even the TNA has to be investigated for not asking the LTTE to ‘release’ the people. Released to whom, and who would have taken the responsibility for the treatment meted out on to them as it happened in the barbed wire camps, are not in their questions.

Without any exception, all the Tamil parties and the entire diaspora that took to streets justly demanded the world to stop the war. Those who had no ability or willingness to stop the war now promote an argument for their escape that there was a ‘surrender plan’ but the LTTE turned it down.

“At the height of the mayhem, the rebels turned down an internationally meditated surrender plan brokered by Norway that would have stopped the killings. It could have saved thousands of lives,” writes former BBC correspondent Frances Harrison in her November 2012 book.

The argument earlier came from Norway’s Erik Solheim.

What was the ‘surrender’ plan, ‘surrender’ to whom and why this was not told to the hundreds of thousands that took to streets, nobody tells.

The affected party is still not free from the gag in the island and in the diaspora where they are still ‘terrorists’ to authentically tell the world what had happened. The doctors who were made to retract from truth are still kept gagged. But various books and reports appearing based on select affidavits of withheld identity is still the reality.

What is translated and promoted in Tamil, what is still not translated, are some matters that should be carefully scrutinized and subtly understood by the intellectuals and public in Tamil Nadu. No one in Tamil Nadu has still come forward to translate and publish Malathy’s book that had come with a forward of Radha D’Souza.

While the SL government directly and agencies of the ICE indirectly accuse the diaspora, the diaspora in truth is weak in even responding appropriately to the help call coming from the land where the uprising is inevitable, genuine and spontaneous.

The diaspora’s unpreparedness and weakness to rise up to the occasion in a required way are thanks to the long preparation since the peace accord times and accelerated hijack in the last three-and-a half years by the outfits of the ICE and agents of Colombo in tandem.

But this cannot continue forever with the unfolding scenario in the island. Those who still have faith in following the ICE should at least be able to tell it that the advices that come from the groups it promote only invite the Eezham Tamils in the long run to direct their struggle directly against the ICE.

* * *

Meanwhile, Douglas Devananda’s EPDP that once openly declared ‘collaboration’ with Mahinda Rajapaksa regime as the successful path advocated even by the USA, is now sidelined by the regime, news sources in Jaffna said.

The occupying regime now favours a new set of its own collaborators and Devananda struggles hard to prove his ‘collaboration credibility,’ the news sources said.

EPDP was once controlling the Jaffna University and its governing council. The Vice Chancellor herself had come to the position with the backing of the EPDP. But the collaborating party was kept in dark on the recent happenings in the university. The role was taken over by Sri-TELO.

When a meeting took place at the SLA base at Palaali, between the occupying SL Commander, Maj. Gen. Hathurusinghe and the university officials, the EPDP was not invited to it.

Instead there was SLFP organiser Ankajan, his father Ramanathan, former SLFP organiser Velmurugu Thangarajah, coordinator of ‘Sinhala–Tamil Buddhists’ in Jaffna, Ramachandran and other new faces. They were presented as the ‘civil society’ to settle matters related to the university.

Even the Vice Chancellor who came with the deans abandoned Douglas Devananda in dealing directly with the occupying military.

Last week there was a function in Jaffna in which, Gotabhaya-led SL Urban Development Authority laid foundation to a guesthouse. The EPDP was not invited to the function. The function was participated by Hathurusinghe, Jaffna Mayor and the Ankajan group.

When the UN representatives visited Jaffna there was an effort to promote the Ankajan group as the ‘civil society’. But Douglas Devananda exerted and insinuated himself in presenting his ‘civil society’. His ‘civil society’ took an extra effort to prove the collaboration. Those who went as ‘civil society’ were recipients of many benefits from Devananda in the past. But some among them, like the Eurovile management, has also started to deal directly with Rajapaksa family, news sources in Jaffna said.

Meanwhile, Colombo has deep plans in handling the captured LTTE cadres, around two to three thousand of whom are kept as farm slaves under some former LTTE officials demoted earlier by Pirapaharan’s LTTE, the news sources further said.

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