Sri Lanka Defence coerces parents or fabricates statements on conscripted Tamil girls

The helpless parents of the Tamil girls conscripted by the occupying Sinhala military in Vanni are now either coerced by the military or are left to accept fabricated statements coming in their names supporting the conscription. The official website of genocidal Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Defence and Urban Development run by presidential sibling Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, came out with a reporting on Friday that by slip showed coercion or fabrication. The SL defence report follows Tuesday’s news about 21 out of around 100 Tamil girls coerced to join the Sinhala military ending up in hospital in a mentally affected state, allegedly due to the sexual agenda of the military of genocidal intent.

The SL defence website published the photos of 6 Tamil parents, who were telling that their daughters joining the SL military on 17 November have found the training methodical, they have adjusted to Army environment, have found new friends, got opportunities for sports practices, enhanced their flower decoration abilities, have begun computer training and have received unmatchable medical care when they fell sick.

According to the SL Defence highlights of the story, the parents have been saying: “The future of our children is secure, our daughters are enjoying the Army life, their training is very systematic and methodical and our children have inculcated a lot of discipline and good habits into their personal life too” – all within a time of less than a month.

But the slip was showing.

The coercion exerted on the parents by the handling of them by Sinhala reporting staff of the SL defence website, or fabrication of the whole thing by Sinhala defence writers became evident in the way names appeared in the story.

When the parents reportedly tell ‘I am so and so, or my daughter is so and so’, the names go as, Murugal Pille Pradeepa, Somarathnam Sunethra Kasthri, Pathinadan Priskilla, Thangawaddu etc. Any one who knows Tamil could guess what might have happened.

Sure the US and Indian militaries have a lot to learn from the genocidal military of Sri Lanka rather than giving training to it, but the Sinhala military has a long way to go in learning Tamil even to qualify in fabrications, commented a women’s group worker in Vanni familiar with the happenings related to the issue.

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