Gotabaya Rajapaksa making irresponsible statements – LfD

Responding to the statement of the Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa that some local and foreign elements were trying to destabilize the country through the Judiciary, the Lawyers for Democracy (LfD) claimed that it was the government that destabilizes the country.

While countering the Defence Secretary’s statement, Lawyers for Democracy, an organization of group of independent lawyers also asked how a Secretary to a Ministry, being a public official, makes such an irresponsible political statement.

“Lawyers for Democracy reminds the public that it is the Executive, through selected Members of Parliament in the legislature, that has taken a series of major steps, including an unwarranted politically motivated impeachment of the Chief Justice, to undermine the democratic values of the country.

These actions have exposed Sri Lanka for further scrutiny by the international community, who are under international legal obligations to ensure that the member states follow these international obligations.

The manner in which the Executive and the State media behave establishes that the Government has destabilized Sri Lanka and its constitutional values,” LfD said in a statement.

“In no uncertain terms that it is the Government and not some of the national or international elements, that are trying to destabilize the country,” it said.

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