Media must apologise to UNP: Ranil

UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe said that the media who wrote against him during the past week must apologise to the UNP.

“They wrote false stories against us for the fact UNP members did not participate at the court hearing. But at the end the Supreme Court itself determined that the UNP stance was right all along,” he said.

The UNP leader made these remarks at its party head quarters Sirikotha inaugurating the parties’ membership drive.

“The government has messed everything in this country including education, free health service and other sectors. Now they have turned their heads on the Judiciary and are harassing the Chief Justice. There must be a stop to this and we must ensure that the UNP is brought to power to restore all these sectors by 2014,” he said. (YP, HF)

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