Sri Lankan TID harasses ex-LTTE members in East

Tension and fear continues to prevail among the families of former LTTE members, who have rejoined their families in the East, especially in Vaakarai in Batticaloa and in Moothoor East of Trincomalee district as the SL military thinks any resistance coming from the uprooted families that demand resettlement originates from people who were associated with the LTTE in the past. The SL TID squads have been visiting several houses in Kathirave’li and Puchchangkea’ni in Koa’ralaip-pattu North (Vaakarai) DS division in the Batticaloa collecting details of former LTTE members through Village level (GS) officers.

When the occupying SL State observed ‘independence day’ celebrations in Trincomalee, posters appeared in Trincomalee condemning the Sinhala celebration in the country of Eezham Tamils.

A Special team of ‘Terrorist Investigation Department’ in Colombo was dispatched to Moothoor East in Trincomalee and to Vaakarai in Batticaloa to monitor former LTTE members or those who voice for Tamil rights to be labelled as former LTTE members and harassed with SL ‘military rehabilitation’.

It was already reported that similar TID squads that arrived in Moothoor East had ‘arrested’ seven Tamil youths, sending them all for ‘military rehabilitation’. All of them are family members and two among them were from temporary sheds where uprooted Champoor families reside.

The uprooted families of Champoor have been demanding resettlement in their own village.

The arrested sent out of the district to a destination elsewhere and have been put on ‘military rehabilitation’.

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