Congress parliamentarian invokes zombie of Indo-Lanka Accord

“We believe that discussing the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord (1987) to be a proper solution to the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka will be beneficial to the Sri Lankan Tamil People,” says Sonia-led Congress parliamentarian from Tamil Nadu, Dr E.M. Sudarsana Natchiappan, who convenes ‘Sri Lankan Tamil Leaders’ Conference 2013 in New Delhi, from 5th to 6th June. Saying that the conference is a follow up of the 2011 New Delhi meet of 8 Tamil political parties, including 5 parliamentarians from the island, Natchiappan this time has also invited “leaders from the diaspora Tamil community and the leaders from the Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in India […] to discuss strengthening and fully implementing the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord (1987).” Natchiappan recently visited London.

Sudarshana_Natchiappan_103872_200 The conference is convened by Natchiappan, as President of the Parliamentarian Forum on Human Rights for Global Development. Mr Seevaratnam Vaseekaran is named in the invitation as Event Secretary.

A former militant outfit ENDLF, created by New Delhi’s intelligence and is operating in India, fully backs the conference, informed sources said.

The outfit is critical of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) for not fully cooperating in proclaiming acceptance of the 13th Amendment during the 2011 Natchiappan conference, the sources further said.

During the 2011 conference, the convenor Dr Natchiappan was seen insinuating the participants to resolve acceptance of the 13th Amendment. The move failed as TNPF delegates Mr. Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam and Mr. S. Kajendren were firm in not falling into the trap and the TNA had to follow suit.

Dr Natchiappan painted a success story of the 2011 “Agony and Solace” conference, in the present invitation to the 2013 deliberations. He said the earlier conference followed India voting in favour [at Geneva] to implement the LLRC report, the 13th Amendment of the Sri Lankan constitution and equal rights of ethnic Tamils living in Sri Lanka and rehabilitation of IDP and refugees accommodated in various countries.”

Claiming that his earlier conference showed to the world that the Tamil parties are united, Natchiappan twisted the national cause of Eezham Tamils as the participants “impressed upon the Indian political parties on their struggle to achieve equal rights.”

An Indian parliamentary debate, visit of parliamentary delegation to IDP camps, dialogue in the SL parliament and direct meeting of the Indian delegation with the SL President were made on the basis of the 2011 conference, claimed the Sonia Congress parliamentarian.

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In an unprecedented uprising of youth, independent of political parties, nearly 600,000 people took to streets in Tamil Nadu earlier this year against an empty US-India resolution at Geneva that didn’t recognize the nation of Eezham Tamils and the genocide faced by them, but was talking of LLRC implementation, provincial elections etc., in a unitary Sri Lankan State.

The uprising made the Tamil Nadu State Assembly to unanimously resolve on 27 March, urging the UN to conduct a referendum among Eezham Tamils in the island as well as in the diaspora on the question of Separate Eezham.

If the Sonia-led Congress Party parliamentarian from Tamils Nadu is still bent on thrusting the Indo-Lanka Accord and the 13th Amendment that maintains the unitary character of the genocidal Sinhala State, on Tamil leaders in the island, in the diaspora and in the Tamil Nadu refugee camps (which are strictly under the grip of New Delhi’s intelligence), with the backing of Indian intelligence operated outfits, then it has to be viewed very seriously by Tamils all over the world, commented Eezham Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island.

Many Tamils have started believing that the on-going structural genocide, accelerated militarization, Sinhala colonization and overnight demographic genocide in the North and East are conducted, not only by the Sinhala State but also by New Delhi and Washington.

New Delhi particularly backs the process of Colombo’s structural genocide of the Tamil nation, and from time to time weakens further any other international efforts such as the Geneva resolutions, in order to make Eezham Tamils helpless and to intimidate them to accept the 13th Amendment, the Tamil activists in the island said.

If the Congress party continues to be adamant in upholding the genocidal unity of State in the island, Tamil Nadu polity may have to work in unison towards initiating war crimes investigation in India itself, against all those who were responsible in the New Delhi Establishment for the genocidal crimes committed in the island. Such a move, if possible with a change of government in New Delhi, would inspire the entire world and humanity. Only such efforts would stop erring Establishments treading on humanity, the Tamil activists in the island further said.

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