Wimal says CBK using pro 13A ministers to bring son

Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga was scheming to bring her son Vimukthi to politics and bring the UNP back to power with the help of supporters of the 13th Amendment within the government, NFF leader Wimal Weerawansa charged.

Minister Weerawansa addressing a news briefing at the NFF office said the Federalists, separatists, the UNP, LSSP, CPSL, NSSP and the remnants of the Mahajana Party of Wijaya Kumaratunga are in a same platform and oppose the removal of adverse provisions in the 13th Amendment and expect to topple the government over the issue and restore the UNP to power.

“They believe they can create a rift in the UPFA over this national issue and topple the government which is a day dream as the patriotic groups that fight to save the country by repealing the 13th amendment or at least removing the harmful effects of it are more powerful,” he claimed.(SAJ)

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