US-Sri Lanka collaboration conducts ‘Exercise Pacific Angel’ in occupied Jaffna

A joint ‘disaster response’ training operation by the US Pacific Air Force and the genocide-accused Sri Lanka Air Force is being conducted in occupied Jaffna. Named ‘Exercise Pacific Angel’, the collaborative activity began on 5th August and is scheduled to end on the 10th. Sri Lanka’s reports that the exercise will comprise of two components, namely a medical program and a renovation program. The irony of the name of the exercise and of the training of Sri Lanka Air Force, which caused genocidal disaster during the war on the Eezham Tamil nation, in ‘disaster response’ is not lost on Tamil activists, sources in Jaffna commented.

Irony apart, the insidious intentions of the US establishment as regards the island are becoming clearer with the increase of such military-to-military ‘engagements’.

Certain sections of Tamil activists get deluded with the slightest patronage from the US State Department or with a report that talks about ‘human rights violations’ in abstract. But unless the Pentagon’s policy is addressed, it is hard to expect anything positive from the US establishment, the sources added.

“The medical program is mainly focused in providing Primary Health Care, Physical Therapy, Optometry and Dentistry for the civil personnel and to conduct the Subject Matter Medical Exchange Program (SMEE) of Aero Medical Evacuation at SLAF Base Kat. Activities will take place in Alvain [Alvaay] North village, Atchelu [Achchezhu] Village, and SLAF Base Katunayaka,” occupying Sri Lanka’s reported on Monday.

“The renovation program mainly focuses on renovating of school buildings and uplifting the infrastructure facilities of those schools. Sri Lankan and U.S. engineers will renovate the Punnalaikkadduvan [Punnaalaik-kadduvan] Primary School, the Kuddiyapulam [Kuddiyap-pulam] Mixed School, and the Atchelu [Achchezhu] Saivapragasa Vidyalayam,” the report added.

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