SL forces chase out Tamils waiting to see Navi Pillay in Vanni

Sri Lankan military intelligence and SL policemen brutally attacked and chased out a group of 30 families and relatives of missing persons, who had gathered near Paranthan junction in Ki’linochchi district on Tuesday to express their message to the visiting UN Human Rights Commissioner Ms Navanetham Pillay. The families had come as they were told that Navi Pillay would be traveling through A9 on a visit to Mu’l’li-vaaykkaal from Jaffna. Commenting on the nature of the public response to Ms Pillai’s visit to the North, observers said that had Ban Ki Moon come, people wouldn’t have cared or even if they had gathered they wouldn’t have shed tears but would have responded differently.

When the UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon thought of ‘visiting’ the Tamils in the barbed wire camps after the war, they didn’t even want to stand up.

Commenting on the outcome of public response to Navi Pillai, the observers said that every renewed faith shown by people towards global organisations meant for humanity are thwarted by the Establishments of vicious agenda that have hijacked those organisations. The course of the case of Eezham Tamils is one such that has to be carefully perused by human civilisation in planning for future on what to do with the culprits of humanity, the Tamil observers further said.

In the meantime, a Colombo newspaper, The Island, on Wednesday, blatantly bared the genocide-shielding anxiety in the South, by reporting that the people who had gathered in Jaffna on Tuesday morning were “victims of LTTE violence” and the SL police only barricaded them off.

In Vanni, on Tuesday afternoon, the SL policemen and military intelligence officers attacked the gathering using batons.

Following the assault, the protesting families had to abandon their effort to express their feelings to the visiting UN Human Rights Commissioner.

Ms Navi Pillay, who took part in some events in Ki’linochchi visited Ve’l’laa-mu’l’livaaykkaal and left for Trincomalee, news sources in Vanni said.

Preparing for her visit, the occupying Sinhala military in a few days back removed all the remaining vestiges of war at Mu’l’li-vaaykkaal, such as abandoned vehicles etc., and dumped them elsewhere.

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