SL operatives step up psy-ops war on Tamil political activists in North

Following the defeat of Colombo’s UPFA in the Northern Provincial Council election, Sri Lankan military intelligence and paramilitary operatives have stepped up a systematic campaign of harassments through threatening telephone calls, diverted and intercepted phone calls and various other forms of harassments on the supporters of Tamil National Alliance, news sources in Jaffna and Vanni said. Reports of similar threats were also on the rise in the Jaffna peninsula on Monday and Tuesday.

EPDP paramilitary and military operatives were harassing those who had campaigned for the TNA in the islets off Jaffna.

An armed squad, which was searching for a supporter of the TNA, assaulted an old mother causing cut injuries to her at Koa’ndaavil in Jaffna on Monday.

Many Tamil activists, who actively engaged in election campaign in Vanni, have relocated themselves temporarily with relatives and friends to avoid getting targeted by violent squads affiliated with the SL military.

Meanwhile, Thiyagaraja Thuvarakeswaran, the chief candidate of the United National Party (UNP) in Jaffna, who is the brother of the assassinated parliamentarian T. Maheswaran, has also complained in Jaffna Police that he has been receiving threatening phone calls from unknown persons in recent days.

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