‘Tamils vote in NPC not a legitimation of unitary Sri Lanka’: Tamil Nadu activist

Arguing that the Northern Provincial Council elections was not conducted for the interests of the Eezham Tamil nation but rather was coordinated by the US-Indian establishments for diverting the attention of the world from the genocide taking place, Umar, activist with the May 17 Movement, stated that the vote of the Eezham Tamils for the TNA was cast against the genocidal Sri Lankan state. Without considering this, some are interpreting the vote as being against the demand of Tamil Eelam and a legitimation of unitary Sri Lanka. In an interview to TamilNet, he further said a political solution can be arrived at only through a referendum amongst the Eezham Tamils in the island, in Tamil Nadu and the diaspora, referring to the overwhelming mandate for the Vaddukkoaddai resolution given by the diaspora in 2010.

Umar from May 17 Movement in Tamil Nadu Tamil Eelam was the fundamental demand of the Eezham Tamils in the homeland, the refugees in Tamil Nadu and the diaspora, who should be considered as one national entity.

The number of votes in the diaspora in favour of the Vaddukkoaddai resolution almost equals the number of votes given for the TNA in the NPC.

This NPC election has nothing to affect the demand for Tamil Eelam.

Any election conducted within the Sri Lankan constitution and the 6th amendment cannot provide a solution for the Eezham Tamils. Only an extra-constitutional solution can do that, he opined.

TNA providing legitimacy to the US resolution of March and working within its paradigms shows that it has been caught in the web of US-Indian game plan.

Commenting on the current situation in Indian politics, he was of the view that there would be no difference whether BJP or Congress was in power, referring to several instances where in the previous BJP rule, India provided extensive help to the GoSL.

He called on the Tamils to extend their support only for the alternative forces.

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