SL police on rampage at Maanippaay, Aanaikkoaddai in Jaffna

Following an accidental explosion inside the Sri Lankan police station at Maanippaay on Wednesday, Sinhala policemen assaulted the Tamil civilians in the vicinity of the police station blaming that Tamils had attacked them. Amidst the violence let loose by the Sinhala police at Maanippaay, unidentified men who came in a motorbike assaulted two Sinhala policemen who were on patrol at Aaanaikkoaddai situated 5 km off Jaffna city on the road to Maanippaay. One of the SL police constables, 37-year-old Vasantha Abeyaratne, has been admitted at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital. Tamil civilians were brutally attacked by the SL Police also at Aanaikkoaddai Wednesday night.

The incident at Aaanaikkoaddai was reported around 10:00 p.m. Wednesday.

The SL military intelligence and SL police have been inciting violence following the victory of Tamil National Alliance (TNA) in the recently held provincial council elections.

There have also been reports of violent attacks launched on Tamil youth at Mallaakam where a hand grendae was lobbed at a place where the youth activists gather. The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran has blamed that the SL military and its operatives have launched almost a war against the Tamil youth that rallied behind the TNA during the election campaign.

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