Mauritius conference calls for referendum, transitional administration

International Conference for Tamil Diaspora Solidarity (ICTDS) held in Mauritius, and was officially opened by the President of Mauritius, resolved on Sunday urging the international community, to conduct independent international investigation into genocide, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan state; to set up a transitional administration in the Tamil homeland to stop on-going structural genocide and to conduct a referendum within the Tamil homeland and the diaspora for the Tamil nation to exercise its right to self-determination.

“In our pursuit for Global Tamil Renaissance (GTR) and the defense of Tamil people’s rights and dignity, we have decided to set up an International Working Group,” the conference declaration said, adding that the group would work for the establishment of a coercive, progressive and secular global Tamil community regardless of geographical boundaries.

The conference, convened by Tamil Temple Federation of Mauritius, was held at Grand Bay in Mauritius, last weekend.

The delegates came from different parts of the world–Malaysia, Singapore, Tamil Eelam, India, UK, Europe, South Africa, France, Norway, Canada, USA and other parts of the world, a participant told TamilNet.

Prof Ramasamy, Deputy Chief Minister of the Penang State of Malaysia delivered the keynote address on “The Tamil Nation.”

A day earlier to the official opening of the conference, there was a special wreath laying service for those who contributed to the development of Mauritius and for those who laid their lives for Eelam.

The delegates to the conference called the Commonwealth member states to boycott the CHOGM meet in Colombo to send a strong message to the Sri Lankan State on its genocide of Tamils.

PDF: Resolution – Grand Bay, Mauritius – November 10th 2013

PDF: The Declaration of the Tamil People-Grand Bay [Mauritius]

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