Jaffna under SL military becomes hub for Pakistani drug smugglers

The occupying Sri Lankan military, collaborating with drug smugglers from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kerala in South India has transformed Vadamaraadchi and Vadamaraadchi East in the Jaffna peninsula into a hub for drug smugglers in recent times, according to reliable sources in Jaffna. Tamil youth, between 17 and 25 are being exploited by narcotic smugglers backed by the occupying SL military. The illegal drugs are also being transported to South.

Last week, the SL police was forced to seize a boat with 40 million rupees worth of drugs at Oo’ra’ni in Vadamaraadchi.

But, the SL police released the drugs and the boat after receiving bribery from the smugglers, the sources further said.

Earlier, the smugglers were allegedly using Mannaar as a hub for most common narcotic drugs that were coming from India. Mannaar has been under the tight control of the SL military for years.

But, now even more dangerous drugs are reaching Jaffna from Pakistan and Afghanistan, the sources further said.

The drugs are also being transported by land to South through SL military check posts situated on the A9 highway.

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