NPC calls for international investigation on situation ‘equivalent to genocide’

A resolution brought in the Northern Provincial Council, calling for international investigation on the genocide, was diluted with the wording ‘equivalent to genocide’ at the instance of the NPC chief minister CV Wigneswaran, news sources said. The modified resolution was passed on Monday. The Resolution rejecting faith in investigations conducted by the State of Sri Lanka, demanded for an independent international investigation facilitated by the UN. The Council also resolved in expressing its opinion that no justice or political solution could come to Tamil without the active intervention of the international community.

The international community was addressed in the resolution to come forward through an international investigation to bring out the plight of the Tamil nation to the world.

The resolution cited the killing of more than one hundred thousand Tamils in the war, and continued ‘ethnic cleansing’ carried out by the Sri Lankan State in a planned way and said that these are equivalent to genocide.

The resolution, brought by Mr MK Sivajilingam, categorically and firmly rejected the credibility of the Sri Lankan State in conducting any investigation.

Another resolution, brought by Ms Ananthy Sasitharan and passed at the council called for a genuine account taking and investigation on the missing people as the number was 146,679 even according to the official records.

She also demanded UN supervision on the forensic excavations that are taking place in Maanthai, Mannaar.

Responding to her resolution on the NPC representing itself at the Geneva UNHRC in March, the Chief Minister Mr CV Wigneswaran proposed the name of Ms Ananthy to represent the Council at Geneva and the proposal was unanimously passed.

A further resolution passed at the Council was on demanding the release of the cattle of the Vanni people impounded by the SL military.

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