13-A hoodwink continues under BJP New Delhi

The 27 year-old treacherous deceit of the New Delhi Establishment, committed on the nation of Eezham Tamils in the name of implementing the 13 Amendment of the unitary constitution of genocidal Sri Lanka, continues under Narendra Modi’s regime, with an ultimate aim of completing the genocide and structural genocide in the island, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island, responding to the outcome of TNA-Modi meeting that took place in New Delhi on Saturaday. What is privately and separately said to Rajapaksa or TNA doesn’t count at all. What actually takes place on the ground tells what is in the agenda, the activists further said.

“The Prime Minister stressed the need for a political solution that addresses the aspirations of the Tamil community for equality, dignity, justice and self respect within the framework of a united Sri Lanka. In this context, the Prime Minister urged all stakeholders in Sri Lanka to engage constructively, in a spirit of partnership and mutual accommodation, towards finding a political solution that builds upon the 13th Amendment of the Sri Lankan Constitution,” a statement coming from the Indian Prime Minister’s Office on the TNA-Modi meet said on Wednesday.

Enough have been said and enough have taken place on the ground in the last three decades, proving the futility and treachery of the 13 Amendment. Engaging Eezham Tamils in the debate of 13-A itself is a deviation tactic, the Tamil activists for alternative politics said.

Except militarily and diplomatically buttressing the genocidal unity of Sri Lanka, how does New Delhi serve the equality, dignity, justice and self respect of Eezham Tamils, when it denies the nation and self-determination of Eezham Tamils, denies the genocide and on-going genocide, and blocks any international justice reaching Eezham Tamils, asked the activists.

A striking feature of the statement is that the nation of Eezham Tamils in the island has been reduced to “Tamil community,” not even an ethnicity or a people.

Will they tell the same to the Sinhala nation, if they uphold ‘equality’, questioned the activists, citing BJP ‘Strategic Action Committee’ chairman, Subramanian Swamy, who this week in Colombo was harping on ‘majority Hindus’ in India and ‘majority Sinhalese’ in the island.

His understanding of ‘ethnicity’ was not seeing even any ethnic question but only a language question in the island. How even that language is mutilated, and how the Sinhala nation expects anyone living in the island to become ‘Sinhalese’ or face genocide, is not unknown to those who pay lip service to equality but have complicity in genocide, the activists said.

“The Prime Minister also assured the TNA delegation of India’s continuing support for relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction works in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka particularly in projects relating to housing, livelihood generation, capacity building, education, hospitals and infrastructure,” said the second part of New Delhi’s statement on Wednesday.

New Delhi that officially established ‘military to military relationship’ with genocidal Sri Lanka after the war, continuing support to the Sinhala militarisation in the country of Eezham Tamils, resulting in large-scale land appropriations, Sinhala military cantonments, new Sinhala colonies and townships and demographic genocide in an unprecedented scale, are what actually seen on the ground, making ‘relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction’ a joke, the Tamil activists responded.

Sinhalicisation and militarisation of Trincomalee city and a new Sinhala military city in the making at Palaali in Jaffna should be best known to the TNA delegation and particularly to the delegation leader Mr. R. Sampanthan, more than anybody else.

The Palaali ‘High Security Zone’ Sinhala militarisation is beyond the scale of any ‘national security’ measure says recent studies.

What is happening on the ground in Jaffna and Trincomalee is a world war scale Sinhala militarisation. What interest of New Delhi backs it at the cost of the genocide and annihilation of the nation and country of Eezham Tamils is the practical question.

Even after seeing what is happening on the ground Tamil polity in general, whether in the island, in Tamil Nadu or in the diaspora, cannot anymore harp on the deceptive assurances of the New Delhi Establishment. Tamil diplomacy has to seek new avenues and strategies in directly addressing the various peoples of India on one hand and the real international community on the other, the Tamil activists for alternative politics said.

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