SL military starts dismantling remaining houses in occupied Champoor

The occupying Sri Lankan military has started to destroy properties situated inside the so-called ‘Economic’ zone in Champoor in Trincomalee district, news sources in Moothoor told TamilNet on Sunday. The houses and wells have been bulldozed to the ground in an occupied residential area near Champoor Sri Paththirakaa’li Amman temple within the last few days, according to the land-owners. The SL military has started to dismantle the remaining buildings in Champoor as they did in Valikaamam North in Jaffna, the sources further said. At the same time, Colombo’s surveying department has been engaged in surveying the lands within the occupied zone.

The SL military has blocked the people from accessing their residential lands, fertile agricultural and Cheanai-cultivation lands in Champoor region. The people have been allowed to resettle in a few pockets in the region.

The SL military and the Colombo-based SL investment board are jointly opposing the resettlement of Champoor people.

More than 9,000 acres of lands have been blocked from civilian access in the region although the SL government has appropriated, through Gazette notifications, only 1,458 acres including the 500 acres that has been demarcated for the construction of a coal power plant.

While blocking the people from resettling in their village and deleting the village from official records, the SL military is also harassing the people remaining in the so-called welfare camps to find alternative lands elsewhere.

The alternative lands being proposed are not fit for cultivation or proper resettlement.

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