Tamils mark Pirapaharan’s 60th birthday

While Tamil poets, students and activists belonging to all Tamil nationalist movements in Tamil Nadu marked LTTE leader Velupillai Pirapaharan’s 60th birth anniversary, political activists marked the day with planting trees at the birthplace of Mr Pirapaharan at Valveddithu’rai in Jaffna. The birth anniversary was also observed in several cities in the West.

Eezham Tamil environmentalist and Northern Provincial Council (NPC) agricultural minister P. Ayngaranesan, NPC Councillors Ms Ananthy Sasitharan, Mr Gajatheepan, Mr Sugirthan, Valveddiththu’rai Urban Council president Mr Sathees planted trees at Aaladi, the native place of LTTE leader V. Pirapaharan and in Valveddithu’rai town area.


NPC councillors planting trees in VVT

The NPC councillors also distributed hundreds of trees to the public to be planted amidst the harassing presence of the occupying SL military soldiers. The people were also seen distributing sweets and firing crackers despite the threats by the SL military.

NPC minister Aingaranesan distributing tree plants at VVT

In Tamil Nadu, students, poets and activists marked Pirapaharan’s birthday on Wednesday and were mobilising with increased resurgence in marking Pirapaharan’s birthday.


A midnight marking on 26 November in Chennai

Tamil legal activists were actively assisting the Tamil students in Chennai and Mathurai during their mobilisation in marking the birth anniversary of Pirapaharan on Wednesday and Tamil Heroes Day on Thursday.

Tamil Nadu Police has been instructed to block the students and activists from mobilising on Tamil Eelam Heroes Day. An activist belonging to Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhakam, Umapathy, was detained and brutally attacked by the police when he protested at the police removing Heroes Day banners at Iraayap-peaddai (Royapettah), a suburb of the city of Chennai. The activist was admitted as hospital after protests and roadblocks by the activists, news sources in Chennai said.


Tamil students distributing sweets at Mathurai


Activists protesting against Tamil Nadu Police at Royappetah

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