New Tamil-Muslim equation engineered for Colombo-centric agenda

Negotiations are under way for bringing in a new alliance among the political forces of Tamils and Tamil-speaking Muslims in the North and East that are orientated for collaboration with the Washington – New Delhi – Sinhala State agenda, reconfirming the Colombo-centric genocidal State, informed sources told TamilNet. This follows the electoral engineering in the island in which Tamils victimised in the US-designed war ending in genocide and Muslims internationally at loggerheads with the US views of imperialism were brought together to vote for a regime change that has put the USA at the helm of affairs. The follow-up ‘ground operations’ now take place in the North and East provincial councils and the first victim is likely to be the EPDP, which would be losing its opposition leadership in the NPC to Rishard Badurdeen’s All Ceylon Makkal Congress (ACMC), the sources further said.

ACMC councillor Abbas Abdul Rifkhan is expected to be appointed as the new opposition leader of the NPC, the informed sources said.

The controversial SL minister Risath Badurdeen, who is the brother of Abbas Abdul Rifkhan, has completed the negotiations with the new regime to appoint his brother as the opposition leader of the NPC. The formal submission will be done by the UPFA General Secretary to the NPC, the sources further said.

The UPFA, including the EPDP and the ACMC, is having 7 seats and the SLMC is having one seat in the Northern Provincial Council.

Of the UPFA councillors, Mr Thavanathan and Mr Thavarasa are from the EPDP, Angajan Ramandan and two Sinhalese from Vavuniyaa are from the SLFP.

Currently, EPDP’s Sinnathurai Thavarasa is holding the position of the opposition leader. Thavarasa was brought in last year after the EPDP had to suspend the party membership of the previous opposition leader, Kandasamy Kamalendran, who was arrested as a suspect in a murder case.

In the meantime, sources in the East said that negotiations were under way to bring in SLMC-led governance of the EPC with the backing of UPFA councillors.

10 TNA Councillors are in the opposition of the EPC. 7 SLMC councillors were with the 14 UPFA councillors forming the governance of the EPC under the Rajapaksa regime till the SLMC left the UPFA ahead of the SL presidential elections.

As the new SL president Maithiripala Sirisena has gained the control of the UPFA, the SLMC has sought UPFA’s backing to allow it as the main ruling party in the EPC, the sources said. TNA has also been seeking the UPFA to gain control of the EPC.

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