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No moral justification for the war: Sampanthan

[DailyMirror, Thursday, 4 December 2008 22:00 No Comment]

The TNA in parliament yesterday said there was no moral justification for the war, as the government was unable to come up with an acceptable political solution to meet Tamil aspirations.


TNA leader R. Sampanthan speaking during the vote on the Defence budget in the House said the government was trying to thrust a political solution on the Tamil people after securing a military victory.

“This will never happen. The war will be prolonged and indefinite,” Mr. Sampanthan  said.


He added that civilians in the Vanni continue to be the main victims of war as they continuously faced aerial bombardment, multi-barrel fire and strikes by the deep penetration units.


The TNA leader reiterated the party’s stance that the Tamils in the Vanni were being subject to genocide.

“A process of genocide against Tamils in the Vanni is occurring. There is no liberation of the Tamil people but clearly genocide of the Tamil people,” Mr. Sampanthan said. He said recent media reports said a refugee camp in the Vanni was bombed, and quoted the Suda Oli newspaper, which recently reported that nearly 56,000 houses had been destroyed in the Vanni.


“The only stop to this is a stop to the war. If the war continues the Tamil people would be destroyed,” he said.


Mr. Sampanthan said that sometimes the violence of the LTTE is totally unacceptable but blamed the Sri Lankan State for pushing the LTTE towards an armed struggle by ignoring the legitimate political aspirations of the moderate Tamil leadership.


“There is a justifiable political context to the emergence of the LTTE, however unjustified some of their acts of violence be,” Mr. Sampanthan noted.

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