Investigating ‘root cause’ of injustice to Eezham Tamils

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils (APPG) in the UK and the British Tamil Forum (BTF), jointly host an annual dinner on 29th January, this time with the theme “Tamil People’s Right to Democracy and Justice in Sri Lanka.” The highlights of the dinner hosts’ requests to British government are: Justice for the war crimes and crimes against humanity (including the ‘intent of genocide’); Political solution to address the root cause to the conflict and that the UK government should put pressure on the Sri Lankan regime. What actually needed is an international investigation on the root cause of Britain forging and enforcing a single State of genocidal dimensions in the island and Washington and New Delhi following the footsteps, resulting the genocide and on-going genocide, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island.

Even after seeing the explicit genocide and accelerated on-going genocide resulting from their decades-long single State policy on the island, if London, Washington and New Delhi continue to deny the genocide, use all their resources to uphold the Colombo-centric system and engineer Eezham Tamils to come to the same old 1945-1948 times of the transfer of power to the ‘United National Party’ regime, then this is what that needs international investigation and international justice, the activists said.

Unless what causes that adamant and competitive love for the Colombo-centric system is investigated, understood, exposed and countered, there could be no check on the on-going genocide, no political solutions and there could be not even meaningful struggles or negotiations, the activists further said.

Mentioning the British PM calling for International Independent Investigation on his return from the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet in 2013, and the UK government’s support for the UN-OHCHR investigation, the dinner hosts were reminding the British government of its moral responsibility.

“Regardless of political leadership and the regime change in Sri Lanka, the accountability process should continue until justice is delivered to the victims of these genocidal crimes committed against Tamils,” the dinner invitation said.

While appreciating the dinner hosts calling for international tribunal of the model of Rwanda and Yogoslavia, and calling for internationally monitored referendum among Tamils in the island and in the diaspora on exercising the Right to Self Determination, the activists for alternative politics in the island said that the dinner attendees should take care of the calls not going empty by missing the real root cause.

PDF: Tamil people’s right to Democracy & Justice in Sri Lanka

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