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Director of Vijay’s 50th film is Raja

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image Only change never changes is an apt saying for the film world. Some changes have bene made in Ilaya Dalapathy’s 50th film.

‘Villu’ directed by Prabhudeva is Vijay’s 49th film. Following this, his 50th was to be produced by AVM. It was even titled ‘Vettaikaran.’ This is the remake of director Siddique’s Malayalam film ‘Bodyguard.’

In a discussion with Siddique, Vijay has requested him to make changes for the Tamil version and also to suit his image. But it’s said Siddique was not for it. When ‘Kadhaparayumpol’ was changed in ‘Kuselan,’ it caused distress to director Srinivasan. Siddique naturally does not want his story to also become a casualty like that.

When SA Chandrasekhar heard the story for ‘Jayam’ Raja, he decided that could be Vijay’s 50th film. Vijay was also agreeable to that, so Raja will direct Vijay’s 50th film. So ‘Vettaikaran’ could be Vijay’s 51st film.

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