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Prabhu Deva is lyricist for Villu

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image Composer Sri Deviprasad’s next hit is ‘Villu.’ Spanning both Andhra anmd tamilnadu is his fame and right now, he has landed in Chennai.

‘Villu’ songs have been released today. Yesterday, an enthusiastic Devi Sriprasad participated in a direct broadcast as a preview. One feels confident that the songs will be big hits.

"The songs have come out well. The ‘Villu’ songs are even better than my last film. The song "ettannaa irundha ettoorum empaata ketkum" has made me a fan of Vaidvelu’s voice. I have always wanted to use his voice and I’m happy I did so finally in this film." Vadivelu has sung "vaadaa manivanna" said Devi Sriprasad and not only has he made a male comedian sing, also a female comedian Kovai Sarala.

"There are 5 Arjunas in this film," he said. They are actor Vijay, director Prabhu Deva, cinematographer Ravivarman, stunt director Fefsi Vijayan and added himself as the fifth. Another salient point of the film is Prabhu Deva becoming a lyricist.

A song concept has been evolved based on scoldings.  He had been tense wondering whom to ask to write the lines and the words he used to take out his tension at the shooting spot, inspired Prabhu Deva to write the lyrics.

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