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Nayantara in her height of glamour in ‘Dubai Rani

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image For a film they have advertised stating Nayantara at her height of glamour, as if she is not glamorous in other films.

‘Dubai Cheenu’ is a very popular film in Telugu starring Ravi Teja and Nayantara.  To cash on its popularity in Tamilnadu, they are dubbing this film in Tamil with a title  ‘Dubai Rani’.  Presented by Indian Image, the film is produced by Sarada Reddy.

It is learnt that Nayantara’s glamour is the driving force behind the decision to dub the film in Tamil.  The producers are inducing the glamour lovers to watch the film by advertising about Nayantara’s glamorous acting in the film.

Besides Nayantara, there is one other heroine in the film.  That is the two-film fame Anushka.  The film is directed by Cheenu Vaidla.  Romance + Action +Glamour = ‘Dubai Rani’ is his calculation for this concept.

How come Tamil heroines act most glamorously in Telugu films alone?  Those who raise this question should understand that the rates are high in Telugu films and so the glamour is equally top.

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