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Tigers desert as Forces ready for final push

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z_p11-tiger1 As the Meteorological Department forecast bad weather condition due to the influence of a forming depression in the Bay of Bengal, all formations of Sri Lanka Army offensive divisions now engaged in the Wanni liberation operation have commenced their forward march from West to East on all fronts hugely pressurising the LTTE now entrapped in Kilinochchi and in the areas the East of A-9 road.


The extent of pressure on the LTTE is now apparent, with the huge thrust launched by the Forces from all fronts as dozens of Tiger cadres have started to desert their ranks and entering cleared areas, after troops advanced further eastward of A-9 road from Omanthai to Mankulam.


According to ground sources, dozens of Tiger cadres have surrendered to the Security Forces having deserted the LTTE during the past few days and headed towards Omanthai, as majority of them have understand that they are fighting a losing battle. According to these Tiger cadres who surrendered to the Security Forces, many cadres are hiding in the jungles to evade arrest from the LTTE and trying their best to escape mingling with the civilians.


However, the fleeing civilians have also divulged that LTTE is trying their best to stop civilians leaving the conflict affected areas, by establishing road blocks and deploying cadres to shoot at the fleeing civilians. But majority civilians are determined to flee the area as soon as they get a chance without waiting for troops to reach the areas in which the LTTE is keeping them forcibly.


This will come into fore in the next few days as an exodus of civilians is expected to reach cleared areas once troops reach Oddusudan area which is a few-kilometres ahead of the current defences.

What is most obvious through the unfolding of these incidents is that the LTTE is left with only a few days or few weeks to face their certain defeat in the Wanni as troops are ready to launch the final assault on Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu Tiger strongholds in the coming days.


For this troops have laid strong foundation to launch their final assault on the LTTE after clearing supply routes to each battle front as of yesterday. As of yesterday troops attached to Task Force II under the command of Brigadier Rohana Bandara and Task Force III under the command of Brigadier Satyapriya Liyanage were in the process of the completing some gaps in their bid to take the A-9 road from Omanthai to Mankulam under troops control.


First it was the 621 Brigade under the command of Lt. Colonel Athula Ariyaratna to reach Puliyankulam taking the area from Omanthai to Puliyankulam under troops control. Prior to reaching Puliyankulam, two weeks back Task Force II troops destroyed the Custom Office of the LTTE from which they collected various taxes from the civilians.


After 621 Brigade reached Puliyankulam, the 622 Brigade, under the command of Lt. Colonel Seneviratne, reached Kanakarayankulam which is located some ten kilometres South of Mankulam.

As of yesterday evening troops of the Task Force II were expected to advance further Eastward from the A-9 road.

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