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Anushka pairs with Vijay in ‘Vettaikaran

[cinesouth, Wednesday, 24 December 2008 16:19 No Comment]

image After some dilly dallying, the director of ‘Vettaikaran’ has finally fixed a heroine.

Vijay is acting in ‘Vettaikaran’ produced by AVM Balasubramainam. Dharani’s assistant Babu Sivan is directing the film that has an MGR film title but it has no connection with that film in story.

The Telugu #1 heroine Ileana was approached for the heroine role. But she has so many films on hand that she had no free call sheet to spare.

While the director was breaking his head over whom to cast as Vijay’s heroine, the actor himself suggested gently to the director about Anushka. When approached, Anushka also gave excuses about being very busy.

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