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Priya Mani’s swimming pool logic

[cinesouth, Thursday, 25 December 2008 10:50 No Comment]

image Priya Mani has a few tips about swimming in the pool.

It has become a trend for leading ladies to appear in swimsuits in filsm. Nayantara started that trend with her sizzling swimming pool scene in ‘Billa’ that had the audience craving for more. Namitha and Priya Mani followed this and in interviews, the news has been featured that appearing in swimsuit means extra remuneration.

In ‘Arumugam,’ Priya Mani is to show extra glamour. In Telugu film ‘Drona’ she appears in a swimsuit. Why this sudden exhibition of glamour?

“All actresses are doing glamour roles, so I wonder why such questions are asked of me. It’s not wrong to do glamour roles.

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