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Suriya comments on Aamir

[Behind Woods, Monday, 29 December 2008 20:49 No Comment]

image Suriya has hailed Aamir’s Ghajini as being better than the Tamil original. “I always knew it would be better, ” he said, “because it was a perfect platform for director Murugadoss to correct the mistakes he did in Tamil. He has not only corrected the flaws, but he has also bettered it. The climax scene was the perfect example. I loved the way he has built up the climax — way different from Tamil.”

Speaking of Aamir Khan, he said:”I would say he did a fantastic job. Having said that, I don’t even want a comparison with him. He is like a professor to me, and I am just a mere student. A student can never compare himself with his guru. The last two years or so have been a learning experience for me. When he said that he has never been part of a remake in his career and that he would do my role in Ghajini, I was humbled. Over the two years, he kept discussing with me every minute detail. He always remained connected. Inspired by a wonderful script by Murugadoss, he worked so hard to build that body suited for the role. I would say the he worked harder than me. I know how difficult it could be to have — and maintain — such a body at his age.

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